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Wyoming Recovery Treats Patients with Dual Diagnoses

Wyoming Recovery treats patients suffering from addiction and mental health disorders simultaneously. Located in Casper, WY, our recovery facilities offer outpatient and inpatient treatment plans to help individuals dealing with a dual diagnosis. We strive to provide a warm, welcoming environment for all of our patients. Our medical professionals take pride in delivering comprehensive treatment as individuals battle illness and addiction, incorporating various levels of care, encouraging communication, and improving overall wellness. If you or a loved one have dual disorders, do not hesitate to contact us right away. We will discuss treatment options to help you manage mental illness and cultivate a sober lifestyle.

Understanding Dual Diagnosis

Medical studies have revealed a direct correlation between mental health disorders and addiction. Individuals afflicted with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), among others, are prone to using alcohol or drugs to self-medicate. Eventually, alcohol and drug use morph into an addiction that can be difficult to overcome on one’s own. Such a task is especially overwhelming because the mental illness serves as a constant trigger for substance use. But the medical professionals at Wyoming Recovery are adept at helping patients who have dual disorders. We can employ a range of treatment plans to simultaneously address addiction and mental illness. It is a critical balancing act because it is necessary to be mindful that they are affecting each other. Therefore, our counselors, therapists, and experts will collaborate to find a treatment plan that is ideal for each scenario.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Wyoming Recovery

Because treatment for anxiety or depression differs from addiction recovery, patients with dual disorders should rely on a medical professional to help devise a plan to address each issue. The team at Wyoming Recovery works with patients to identify triggers for substance use while also highlighting signs of their mental illness. This strategy helps differentiate between the two. Through individual, family, or group therapy sessions, we can provide a support system that helps foster behavioral change. Therapy can also help patients recognize how their mental illness contributes to substance use. This awareness can help individuals avoid situations that will lead to a relapse and emphasize the importance of self-care.

Our Holistic Approach to Dual Disorders

While proper medication can be a critical component of dual disorder treatment, Wyoming Recovery focuses on a holistic approach to recovery. It is essential to treat the whole of each individual instead of just the parts. Ignoring addiction in favor of mental health, or vice versa, significantly increases the risk of relapse. Therefore, our depression and addiction recovery plans incorporate behavioral therapy, acupuncture, wellness treatment, improved nutrition, and a variety of other aspects personalized for each patient.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Among the most important elements of a holistic approach to anxiety and addiction recovery is cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of treatment can occur in a one-on-one or small group setting. It augments other forms of therapy by helping further identify triggers that can cause an individual with a mental health disorder to turn to his or her vice. Such recognition can begin to alter patients’ thought processes, establish healthy habits, and result in the development of coping skills to deal with situations that present triggers.

Proper Nutrition

Another facet of the holistic approach to treating co-occurring disorders is proper nutrition. Many patients who struggle with addiction lead unhealthy lifestyles, which contribute to indigestion, gastrointestinal problems, and a weakened immune system. Wyoming Recovery employs a nutritionist to help each patient adopt a healthy diet. The benefits of eating healthy are far-reaching. A proper diet helps heal the brain, replenishing dopamine and preventing cravings and mood swings that could lead to a relapse. It will also provide nourishment that can repair damage caused by drugs and alcohol.


As a supplement to medical, evidence-based programming, Wyoming Recovery utilizes acupuncture as a form of dual disorder treatment. We have a licensed acupuncturist at our addiction treatment center in Casper, WY who can use the technique to help patients suppress cravings, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep. Individuals also praise acupuncture as an effective way to diminish some withdrawal symptoms during detoxification.

We Offer an Intensive Outpatient Program at Wyoming Recovery

Following an inpatient rehab program – or, if circumstances permit, in lieu of an inpatient stay – Wyoming Recovery provides intensive outpatient programs (IOP) to offer continuing care. Dealing with addiction and mental health disorders is a lifelong commitment. We recognize the obstacles of remaining vigilant about recovery after patients leave our addiction recovery facilities. Our team will help determine a course of action that continues to incorporate therapy and wellness programming for patients who have returned to their regular routines. Individuals participating in the IOP meet for three hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings, and can also take advantage of family-centered therapy. Through these programs, we hope our patients can maintain their sobriety while leading healthy, happy lives at home and work.

The collective goal of our staff at Wyoming Recovery is to help patients suffering from dual disorders achieve lifelong sobriety and develop coping mechanisms for dealing with their mental health disorders. We customize our dual diagnosis treatment plans for each patient with an emphasis on treating the whole person instead of favoring one issue over the other. Our professionals understand that anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues can affect one’s addiction. Therefore, our holistic approach incorporates counseling, behavioral therapy, and nutrition, among other medical, evidence-based programming to offer total, sustainable treatment. If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction and mental health disorders, contact Wyoming Recovery for further information about our services today.