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Wyoming Recovery Can Help You Manage Addiction to Sedatives

If you’re bound to the use of cannabis or sedatives or find yourself using more and more. Wyoming Recovery in Casper, WY can help. Wyoming Recovery has been helping individuals with addiction and co-occurring disorders for more than two decades. In that time, we have developed customized approaches that help patients succeed and return to a sober, healthy lifestyle. Wyoming Recovery has cultivated a compassionate, empathetic environment free of ridicule and judgment. If you need help with cannabis or sedative addiction, call us today.

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Understanding the Effects of Cannabis and Sedatives

Cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana, can take a hold on one’s life and cause other areas to suffer or interests to fade. Though its physical addiction may be less severe than that of other drugs, users may repeatedly try to stop using cannabis without success. Users often experience a “high” that involves altered perceptions and difficulty thinking. Sedatives have some of the same effects but on a grander scale. While under the influence of sedatives, individuals have slower reflexes, slurred speech, and difficulty thinking and problem-solving.

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Spotting Signs of Sedative or Cannabis Addiction

Sedatives are depressants, for which warning signs of addiction are often physically and psychologically detrimental. Symptoms of sedative addiction include overwhelming cravings, increased tolerance, and the urge to continue using the drug despite its harmful effects. If someone attempts to cease consumption, he or she may have debilitating withdrawal symptoms that could include depression, anxiety, restlessness, and nausea.
People who regularly use marijuana do not run the same risk of physical addiction as those who depend onsedatives, but there are long-term effects, nonetheless. Medical professionals associate the use of cannabis with depression, personality disturbances, lack of motivation, risk of lung ailments, and damage to the immune system, among others. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact Wyoming Recovery for treatment.

Treating Cannabis and Sedative Addiction at Wyoming Recovery

If you are one of the millions of Americans struggling with addiction, you should understand that you are not alone and there are helpful resources available. Our clinic in Casper, WY is an outlet, and in some cases a lifeline, for people just like you. We recognize how a casual habit can have a snowball effect, but we are here to help put an end to that. Wyoming Recovery offers inpatient and outpatient addiction programs as well as mutual group therapy sessions to serve as a foundation for your sobriety. To complement your mental health, we provide overall wellness benefits such as yoga and massage therapy to enhance your well-being. With decades’ worth of experience, our skilled staff will customize an all-encompassing treatment plan for you that will facilitate your long-term health and success.

Contact Wyoming Recovery for Addiction Treatment Today

Do not let cannabis or sedatives keep you from enjoying life. Wyoming Recovery is here to help you overcome addiction and lead a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. Our medical professionals and licensed specialists in Casper, WY can adeptly address the cause of your addiction and establish a treatment plan that will free you from its shackles. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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