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sobriety over the holidays

More people drink over the holidays than at any other time of year. It’s the social norm to drink at parties, and the stressful season also increases the urge to drink. If you or someone you know struggles with alcohol addiction, make the season happier, healthier, and safer with these tips to handle alcohol use over the holidays.

Just Say No

If you don’t feel like drinking, there’s no obligation to do so. Just because your host offers you a drink doesn’t mean it’s rude not to accept it. If you think the temptation to drink will be too high if you attend a party with alcohol, choose one where no drinking will take place. You’ll learn that alcohol isn’t a necessary ingredient for holiday cheer when you’re surrounded by friends and family.

Make Travel Arrangements

This might mean choosing a designated driver from among you and your friends before heading to a party. Or it might mean taking a ride-share instead of driving your own car. Whatever the case, decide right now that drinking and driving isn’t an option.

Serve Nonalcoholic Beverages

If you choose to serve alcohol at your holiday party, make your guests feel comfortable by offering nonalcoholic drinks as well. To help keep drinking to a minimum in your home, place soft drinks out for people to grab, but only provide alcohol by request. This also makes it easier to keep tabs on how much each guest has had to drink.

If you’re hosting a party, and you know a loved one who likes to drink excessively will be attending, consider making your home an alcohol-free zone. Serve festive beverages such as hot chocolate, eggnog, and apple cider, and enjoy the festivities without anyone getting tipsy.

Practice Moderation

Before you arrive at a party, decide how many drinks you’ll have. A blood alcohol content chart can help you set your limit. For instance, to stay below the legally intoxicated limit, a 180-pound man should have no more than three or four drinks in an evening. Likewise, a 130-pound woman should limit herself to one or two drinks.

Sip each beverage slowly to savor and enjoy it. Then, have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink to stay hydrated and slow down your alcohol consumption.

Keep the Focus on Friends and Family

It’s easy to lose sight of the reason for holiday celebrations. You might see it as a chance to drink socially, but it’s much more than this. The main purpose is to have fun with people you enjoy being around—drinking is merely a complement to that. Keep this in mind throughout the night to help stop yourself from going overboard.

Alcohol abuse can be difficult to manage during the holidays, but you don’t have to go it alone. Wyoming Recovery offers alcohol addiction treatment at our clinic in Casper. Our expert team utilizes medical evidence-based programming to meet your needs. Call us today at (307) 265-3791 to ask about qualifying for same-day admission.