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Assess, Treat, and Recover!

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Recognizing Whether You or A Loved One Have a Problem

There is a multitude of signs that someone is suffering from alcohol addiction. However, those afflicted with the condition are often the last to recognize it in themselves. More than 90% of Americans struggling with alcoholism do not think they need treatment for their addiction. It can be difficult to see the forest for the trees, but contact Wyoming Recovery for an evaluation if you or a loved one displays any of the following traits:

  • Drinking more or longer than intended
  • Wanting to stop drinking, but being unable to succeed
  • Spending a lot of time drinking or recovering from the after-effects
  • Allowing alcohol to interfere with personal or professional obligations
  • Continuing to drink even after recognizing consequences
  • Increasing risk of injury due to alcohol
  • Experiencing tolerance
  • Experiencing withdrawals when not drinking
  • Withdrawing from activities or hobbies
  • Continuing to drink even if it causes friction in relationships
  • Continuing to drink even if it causes mental health issues like anxiety or depression

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Wyoming

Wyoming Recovery offers proven alcohol addiction treatment techniques at our facilities in Casper, WY. Our professional staff understands the struggles of alcohol addiction as well as the often-overwhelming road to recovery. But our team is committed to helping every patient overcome his or her alcohol dependency and return to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, our freestanding treatment center is an ideal setting for alcohol addiction treatment. We will personalize your recovery plan with varying levels of care and different styles of treatment to help you achieve sobriety. Whether you or a loved one are dealing with alcohol dependency, contact our staff today. We will outline our approaches and answer any questions you have about treatment.

Defining Alcohol Addiction

Individuals suffering from alcohol use disorder (AUD) are often unable to control how much or how often they drink. This lack of control can result in troubling emotions, poor choices, and an unhealthy lifestyle. These factors can damage relationships, derail careers, and cause chronic physical ailments. Unfortunately for those with AUD – which medical professionals consider a brain disease – the cycle is seemingly impossible to break. Sometimes, sufferers do not even recognize own addiction. The professional team at Wyoming Recovery can help you understand the telltale signs of AUD and help you enroll at our alcohol addiction treatment center to begin your recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Stages

Wyoming Recovery incorporates a many different alcohol addiction treatment approaches to help ensure your success. Recovery is a journey, with multiple stops along the way. Among the stages of recovery are detoxification, alcohol rehab, and maintenance. An individual suffering from alcohol use disorder will need to remain committed to sobriety even after leaving our alcohol rehab facilities, but we will arm him or her with the tools necessary to do so.

Starting the Road to Recovery with Detox

The first stage on the road to recovery from alcohol addiction is detoxification. It is a critical factor in beginning your treatment plan successfully because your body purges all alcohol during this period. We can help facilitate the detoxification process in our inpatient alcohol rehab facilities if deemed appropriate. Getting all alcohol out of a heavy drinker’s system can take up to a week. While detoxing, patients may experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, hallucinations, or seizures, among other adverse effects. Our medical experts will capably oversee the process and ensure there is no danger associated with such symptoms. The team at Wyoming Recovery can also distribute medication to help with some of the pain and discomfort. After detoxification, patients can proceed with therapy and other forms of treatment.

Comprehensive Alcohol Addiction Treatment Plans

Wyoming Recovery realizes no two patients are the same. As a result, we customize each alcohol rehab program to a patient’s individual needs, accounting for mental and physical health and the severity of his or her addiction, among other factors. We provide inpatient alcohol rehab programs and outpatient alcohol rehab programs, depending on whether 24-hour care is necessary. Additionally, we offer various forms of therapy, counseling, wellness practices, and other medical, evidence-based programming.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

We offer inpatient alcohol rehab to patients who need 24-hour care during alcohol addiction treatment. Our licensed and accredited alcohol rehabilitation facility has 17 beds and is monitored by a staff of professionals committed to helping each patient reach his or her sobriety goals. Patients who opt for inpatient treatment must bring their records and information, insurance cards, a 30-day supply of medication, personal toiletries, up to five outfits, and spending money for trips. Meals are provided through cooperation with Wyoming Medical Center and the 12/24 Club. Additionally, efforts are made to help patients immerse themselves in sober social settings. Field trips may include visits to museums, restaurants, and community events.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Some individuals struggling with alcohol addiction require a program that does not disrupt their everyday lives, careers, and relationships but can still assist with treatment. The goal of Wyoming Recovery’s intensive outpatient program (IOP) is to help patients improve their lives through sobriety while still keeping a regular routine. Outpatient alcohol rehab treatment plans vary in duration depending on patients’ personal circumstances, but typically follow an eight-week schedule. During that time, patients meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for three hours to participate in therapy sessions,  and receive medical, evidence-based programming.

 Behavioral Approaches to Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The experts at Wyoming Recovery can help with alcohol counseling, otherwise known as behavioral treatment, to help identify and alter the behaviors that led a patient to heavy drinking. Behavioral treatment can help individuals develop the skills necessary to stop drinking, help build a social support system, and cultivate coping mechanisms to deal with personal triggers. It is important to set attainable goals during alcohol counseling. Types of behavioral treatments include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Taking place in a one-on-one setting or a small group, this form of therapy identifies cues that trigger the desire to drink heavily and ways to manage accompanying stress. Ultimately, it helps change patients’ thought processes and develops coping skills for dealing with situations that could lead to problem drinking.
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy – This form of counseling helps patients form a plan to make improvements, build confidence, and acquire the tools they need to change their drinking behavior. Our counselors will conduct this process over a short period of time.
  • Marital and Family Counseling – Incorporating spouses and family members can help repair and improve family relationships while also introducing a support system to help patients stop drinking and remain sober.
  • Brief Interventions – Short counseling sessions can effectively introduce additional information regarding a patient’s drinking problem and potential risks. Using feedback, our counselors will work with each patient to set attainable goals and foster ways to make changes.

Therapeutic Tactics for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Therapy is another important step toward sobriety. It allows a setting for reflection, feedback, and varying perspectives. The licensed professionals at Wyoming Recovery conduct a range of therapy sessions to help patients overcome their issues with alcohol.

  • Individual Therapy – Our counselors can meet with patients on a one-on-one basis to help tackle their alcohol addiction in a private setting. During the sessions, patients can discuss their triggers, symptoms, or problems openly.
  • Family Therapy – Allowing family members to join in therapy sessions can help patients connect on a deeper level to a group of individuals on whom they will rely for support during recovery efforts.
  • Group Therapy – Wyoming Recovery hosts a plethora of scheduled recovery-related group therapy sessions at our alcohol rehab facilities so that patients battling similar issues can convene and share motivations, success stories, and support.

Additional Alcohol Addiction Treatment Strategies

The team at Wyoming Recovery delivers a wide range of medical, evidence-based programming to help patients overcome their alcohol addiction. Each strategy is tailored to a patient’s specific situation, helping improve his or her chances of success.

  • Twelve steps – For some patients, the 12-step program serves as a foundation for their recovery. It can help by setting attainable goals and creating a motivational support network.
  • Nutrition – Many patients struggling with alcohol addiction are unhealthy in other areas as well. Our licensed nutritionist can help improve patients’ overall health and choose foods that may reduce their cravings for alcohol.
  • Acupuncture – Wyoming Recovery has an in-house acupuncturist who can administer the technique to help diminish alcohol cravings.

Maintaining a Sober Lifestyle After Treatment

Sobriety is a lifelong battle. Treatment at Wyoming Recovery’s alcohol rehab facilities is not a magic solution that will instantly cure alcohol use disorder. Patients must continue to work and remain committed to their sobriety following treatment. But the professionals at our alcohol addiction treatment center will equip all individuals who visit our facility with tools they can use to remain sober for the long haul. Relapses are not uncommon, but it is important to treat a relapse as a brief bump in the road to recovery rather than a total wreck. Persistence and dedication are crucial to the lifelong treatment process. We encourage every patient to continue attending support groups that provide encouragement and engagement with similar individuals.

Contact Wyoming Recovery for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol use disorder, you should seek help immediately. Not only can such an issue cause family and career problems, but it can also result in significant health issues now and in the future. Let the professionals at Wyoming Recovery help forge a path toward sobriety using medical, evidence-based programming tailored to your personal circumstances. Do not be embarrassed by seeking help. Our inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab programs are empowering and help individuals restore normalcy to their lives. Contact us today if you are questioning whether you have a problem. Our specialized admissions team will present the options available to help you live a sober, happy life.

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