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Wyoming Recovery Offers Outpatient Care Services

For many individuals struggling to overcome addiction issues, the assistance of a comprehensive treatment program can help ensure success. Wyoming Recovery’s intensive outpatient program (IOP) is built to address barriers to recovery, anger issues, subjects related to addiction and alcoholism, and more. Patients enrolled in the program will participate in lectures, group therapy sessions, the 12 steps to recovery, and medical, evidence-based programming. The duration of each treatment plan depends on a patient’s circumstances, but the outpatient care program typically follows an eight-week timetable. While still working and maintaining a routine home schedule, patients in the IOP meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings for three hours. During that time, they participate in group therapy sessions and undergo wellness programming to advance their recovery. We also provide family-centered therapy.

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Wyoming Recovery’s Outpatient Services and Programs

Intensive Outpatient
Wyoming Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), day or evening, consists of a number of group therapy sessions. It is designed as a seamless transition of care for patients completing residential treatment goals. Its goal is to help patients achieve long-lasting changes in their sobriety using behavior and mental functioning.

In IOP you can continue your employment. The goal of treatment is to enable you to stay clean and sober and improve your life.

Continuing Care Programs
The continuing care program consists of weekly group therapy sessions that are offered both during the day and at night. The groups are generally topic-oriented, with an emphasis on relapse prevention and on-going social support, facilitated by a therapist.

Contact Wyoming Recovery for a Free Consult Today

Wyoming Recovery is committed to providing comprehensive outpatient care to anyone in Casper, WY struggling with addiction. Our medical staff is affiliated with Wyoming Medical Center. Each member of our team is devoted to helping facilitate your recovery, offering encouragement, advice, and medical assistance along the way. If you feel like you are a candidate for outpatient care, call our case manager to schedule an initial consultation today. We will help you understand your options and customize a plan to help you get sober and stay that way.

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