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Free Consult

To schedule an initial consultation with our case manager, call 307-265-3791.


What to Bring

  • Medications: Patients should come with a 30-day supply of any medications they are currently taking with full pharmacy label intact. If you have less than a 30-day supply, bring prescription and money.
  • Personal Toiletries: Patients should provide any needed items such as shampoo, conditioner, body soap, deodorant, toothpaste, hairbrush or comb, hair dryer, shaving items, and feminine hygiene products.
  • Clothing: Comfortable, modest clothing, appropriate for the weather, with no addictive paraphernalia or advertisements. Wyoming Recovery provides towels and bedding, but patients are responsible for washing their own clothes in Wyoming Recovery’s washers and dryers.
  • Spending Money: Patients should bring a minimum of $25 for essentials that need to be replaced.
  • Records/Information: (as applicable) Bring any mental health or substance abuse testing previously completed, include any information on treatment by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or counselor for individual or group therapy. Bring most recent medical records for acute, chronic or recurring conditions currently being treated.

What to Expect

  • Cell Phone: If cell phone is brought to treatment, it will be checked in and held, with use allowed during specified times.
  • Transportation: Wyoming Recovery will provide transportation to all scheduled off-site activities and appointments. If a vehicle is brought, the keys will be checked in.
  • Food: Wyoming Recovery provides residential clients with three meals a day.
  • Recreation: There are a variety of onsite and nearby indoor and outdoor recreational activities, including leisurely hikes on Casper Mountain, tours of area museums and arts centers, and trips to the river, lake and the Casper Recreation Center.
  • As a resident inpatient there is twenty-four hour access to medical care.
  • WR Staff is Small: 19 full-time and two part-time employees, plus several contract professionals. This staff serves a client population of up to 17 Residential, 30 Intensive Outpatients and numerous Continuing Care clients.
  • Through evidence-based medicine, we can offer high-quality, comprehensive and cost-effective treatment for alcohol and drug problems.

What Not to Bring

Pocket Knives/Weapons, Valuables, Electronics.

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